/Find Bar/

# The extensions listed here are no longer supported, these pages are just maintained for historical reasons!

/Find Bar/ is a new extension for Firefox that is still a little bit in progress. I’ve always believed that one of the best features of Firefox is it’s quick find bar. I probably use it about 20 times a day, if not more. But it has to be said its a fairly simple beast. When it comes to more powerful searches you’re just out of luck. This extension adds a whole new dimension to the find bar, regular expressions. The regular expressions are implemented using the JavaScript engine so check the JavaScript RegExp syntax for the full details.

Turns out to be a reasonably popular request in the Firefox support channels where I hide out and I’d generally discounted it as an extremely difficult task. But then I like a challenge and when I suddenly stumbled across an idea that might make it fairly simple this actually all came together quite easily, though as I’ve said it’s not actually complete yet, for that I need your help.

# Questions

There are a few questions that I haven’t yet figured out about how the find bar should actually operate. My plan is that anyone who wants to can test out the alpha version, see where it does what they expect and where it doesn’t do what they expect and let me know so I can answer a few of these things:

  • Whitespace. HTML is made up a lot of this, most of it is ignored by the browser and not visible on the page. At the moment this extension doesn’t ignore anything so you may find there are more spaces between words than you expected. Should I err on the side of accuracy as it is now, or collapse all whitespace?
  • Block content. The standard find bar wont find searches that span blocks (paragraphs in human terms). This extension does, which while potentially useful also causes some issues. One thought is to make each paragraph like a line then you can use line breaks to match paragraphs as you might expect.

Unfortunately I am no longer planning on updating my extensions. Short of some kind of critical security issue it is unlikely this extension will receive any updates in the future.

Last updated on Feb 17, 2008 00:58 UTC