PreFox is now available for testing

I’ve finally been able to make some early alpha builds of PreFox, which is clearly a rather unoriginal name for Firefox running on the Palm Pre, available for testing. You can read more and find the builds at the release announcement.

This has been a long time coming, made that much longer by Sprint delaying the release of webOS 1.4.5 and of course Firefox 4 blockers eating into my spare time, I’m hopeful that now both builds and the source code are available some people will start to help out with getting it to be a viable alternative to the default webOS browser. Lots of the remaining work is stuff that is really outside my skill-set.

5 thoughts on “PreFox is now available for testing”

  1. Buggy as all get out, but I still LOVE IT already. I will see if a can make heads or tails of any of this but I am no coder at all. Thank You for all your hard work on this to prove it can be done.

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