Add-on-Con is here!

Next week is Add-on-Con 2010 and if you do any work in the add-ons space then you’re probably going to want to take a look at what is going on and hopefully sign up to attend. There are two days this year, one for some training and then the traditional day for keynotes and business/development tracks. I’ll be there for all of the main day and while I don’t think I am going to make the training day I should be there in the evening for the Mozilla party, be sure to sign up.

Mozilla are going to be there in full force of course:

  • Myk Melez will be talking about developing with our new Add-ons SDK
  • Jorge Villalobos will be talking about how to update for Firefox 4
  • Mark Finkle will talk about developing for Mobile
  • Pascal Finette will talk about business development
  • Justin Scott will be in the main keynote as well as talking about making add-ons that people will love
  • Justin, Jennifer Boriss and myself will be giving an overview of Firefox 4 and some of the new features you should be excited about
  • Jay Sullivan will be on the panel talking about the future of the browser

I’m quite looking forward to this. It’s been a long hard slog getting to the end of Firefox 4 (and we aren’t even there yet!) and one of the problems of being focused on all the blockers all the time is that all you are seeing is the bugs that users are hitting and features that really should be there. It’s quite a pessimistic way to see the project. I remember last year at Add-on-Con being really inspired to see all the great things that add-on authors were doing with the tools we give them (or sometimes in spite of the tools we give them!). It really was quite an uplifting experience and I’m hoping it happens again this year, don’t let me down!