Firefox 4 and the Add-ons Manager at Add-on-Con

As I mentioned before I was part of a presentation at Add-on-Con this year. Myself, Boriss and Justin talked about the new UI changes in Firefox 4 and about the main changes to the add-ons manager. If you’re particularly interested the slides are available here though I guess slides are often just tiny snippets of info from the actual session so if anything catches your eye you’ll need to get in touch and ask us about it.

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  1. I’m curious about the future work on the “New appearance UI” and the “Improvements coming after Firefox 4” for restartless extensions. Is there a bug or a wiki page I should read to learn more about these plans?

    1. The new appearance UI is basically what it looks like, replacing the existing list where themes and personas are intermingled and the user can only choose one with larger preview images and separating the two out. Theme authors will be able to mark their theme as compatible with personas so users can wear a custom theme and a persona at the same time.

      The improvements after Firefox 4 for restartless extensions is going to be about trying to knock down some of the main issues that make writing them difficult right now (assuming you aren’t using the Add-ons SDK). No fixed plans yet, it will be a case of looking at the list of problems and knocking them down opportunistically. Wladimir made an excellent post that we’ll be using as the basis for the list of things we’d like to see done:

      1. «Theme authors will be able to mark their theme as compatible with personas…» but AFAIK ATM only the default theme can already be used with personas — my favourite third-party theme looks nice with a Persona but I cannot yet have it wear a Persona for more than a few seconds at a time (by hovering the mouse over a persona preview).

        Do you have a bug number?

  2. In the slides, it mentions the “remotely updating metadata” in Firefox 4. Is there a wiki page or something that gives more detail, like: getting data from places other than AMO, customizing description (ie. not using AMO’s description), opting out, etc.

    1. There isn’t a lot of detail in the docs yet however currently Firefox won’t pull metadata from anywhere except AMO

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