Making it easier to check that your plugins are up to date

Keeping the software you use up to date is a crucial part of keeping yourself safe while browsing online. At Mozilla we work hard to help you get the most up to date version of Firefox and all the add-ons you have installed. For some time now security updates for Firefox have been installed without you needing to do anything. In Firefox 4 we made extension and theme updates behave similarly.

Plugins, like Flash, Quicktime and Java for example, are a little more difficult to update in this way though. They tend to require explicit permission to install new versions and so we haven’t quite gotten to the point of doing this completely automatically. Instead we developed the plugin check page which can quickly and easily tell you which of the plugins you have installed are old and need updating. It will also tell you where to go to update them.

The latest version of Firefox currently in beta makes it easier to get to the plugin check page. Simply go to the Add-ons Manager, click on the Plugins section and there is a link at the top of the page to check if your plugins are up to date.