Mossop Status Update: 2011-09-02


  • Worked with the Jetpack drivers to come up with a new way to prioritise bugs
  • Talked over issues with add-on compatibility and version upgrades
  • Helped prepare a test plan for SDK repacks
  • Killed most of my review queue


  • Try to clear anything that is blocked on me before my vacation

One thought on “Mossop Status Update: 2011-09-02”

  1. Hi Mossop,

    I’ve installed and have been using your “Nightly Tester Tools” (NTT) so I can test compatibility with different FF releases of the various add-ons that I use regularly.

    I recently downloaded and installed the alpha version of Firefox 8.x (Aurora) and and installed the Nightly Tester Tools add-on as well. However, it does not appear to be working properly with NTT because I have over 25 different add-ons that Aurora is reporting as being incompatible, plus Aurora refuses to allow me to install any add-on that is not recognized as being compatible.

    Is this a know “bug” or other problem with NTT working with FF 8.x alpha / beta releases? Is there any way to manually edit the NTT xpi file to provide support for forcing compatibility with any add-on that is not already recognized?

    Appreciate any feedback you can provide.


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