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The extensions listed here are no longer supported, these pages are just maintained for historical reasons!

With the new version of the preferences window just added into firefox you no longer get as much control over which bits of javascript to disable. This extension aims to fix that problem. Simply install, then in the options window next to the checkbox to enable and disable javascript will be the new “Advanced…” button.

Unfortunately I am no longer planning on updating my extensions. Short of some kind of critical security issue it is unlikely this extension will receive any updates in the future.

9 thoughts on “JavaScript Options”

  1. Quick note of thanks —

    Really GOOD extension, as is the one for "Cookie Handling"… The capacity to "sift and select" what enters and leaves the box essential security.

    Outside of crumbs and .js, I’ve found the most intrusive code is almost always in sites heavy with php or the evil "flash". If a body needed to build a filter to monitor – contain (or dodge?) .PHP and SWF, where to look? (ASIDE from my firewall log)

    There’s an extension for turning flash ON / off… recently one that (finally) allows Open Source Mplayer for every plugginable BUT not for SwF’s… The win32 ported Mplayer CAN play *.swf content (same as it can under *nix).

    The *nix version of Firefox "plugs" to M-player (and much more)… I’ve wasted an hour or 2 puggling and struzzling,
    Scanned the Moz-Zine forums and mozdev, peeked at LXR and… Learned much, but no "Blueprint" or "Shop Manual", the better to stuggle at retro-fitting a TrustWorthy (not Pwned) prosthethetic, duct tape, booger hook, coat-hanger-through the car window…

    …SOMEhow get Flash content OPENLY available to a browser under win32.

    I’ve noted the files differ considerably between Dir. of a Win32 install vs Debian, but the basic structure and elements parallel. Does it have to do with the way FF compiles on Win32?

    There’s mountains of GOOD documentation for FF/& Family. Everything is usually real transparent. Would you know where the "RTFM" is on the subject of how FF interacts with "Flash" or the External Application required to handle flash? Or perhaps direct me to someone who does?

    Thank you again for Hard Work


  2. hi,
    i like your extension. plain and simple 😉 thank you!

    unfortunately, but i don’t know, if this is a ff/js issue, on the webpage
    if i move the mouse over the links:
    External Mirror 1
    Softpedia Secure Download (US)
    Softpedia Secure Download (RO)
    i cannot see the urls to where those links are pointing at.
    if i deactivate js in the fs options, i can see those links in the statusbar.

    is there any way, you can put a way to you great plugin, to dis-/enable those “tricks” to see/not see the links in the statusbar, while moving the mouse over a link like the ones above?

    this would be very nice.

    anyway, i really like to thank you for contributing so many things to the mozilla project(s)

    i’m only a user, but i appreceate this very much.


  3. Hello –

    Great extension. One requested enhancement: Can you add the ability to to disable the javascript alert() function? I hate this thing and I cannot believe that browsers allow code from web pages to pop up modal dialogs at will. It’s annoying and intrusive and I really want it to go away.

    Thank you.

    – Jeremy

  4. Very good extension~!!
    Please join the to provide more localizations.
    Thank you.

  5. Nice little addon and essential for putting webamasters in their place who insist on annoyances on their sites.

    As FF3 has strayed so far from its original philosophy, I’m giving Seamonkey a spin. But this extension isn’t supported. Any chance that’ll change in the future?


  6. you have made a typ error. in the package locale folder there is nl-NS . should be nl-NL.
    because if this dutch users get a error .

  7. Hi , your addon is great for me . I have a debian lenny + fluxbox and some j s of some sites open new windows that garble the screen and status bar disappear. Only an absence there is window option but not tab however thanks .Paolo

  8. Can you please update this for firefox 5 compatibility? I understand you quit addon development, but lease consider coming back to it.

  9. I really like this plugin, but it’s completely incompatible with the current Firefox. If you ever do decide to update it to make it compatible, we’d all be really grateful. It was a marvellous plugin!

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